Product Acetate Disperse Dyes

These are 70° to 80° Temp. High exhaust dyes with higher grade of all round fastness properties including perspiration light chlorine and washing.

These dyes have also an advantage of exhustim and fixation rates better alkali stability and levelly properties. As these dyes react with nylone & polyster in normally 70° to 80° temp & quick exhaust on nylone & Polystar.

Acetate Dyeing Methods (For Lab Scale test)

Taking 0.200gm Dyes
+ 200 ml Flot Water
200ml Solution

Dyeing Receipe for 1% shade

10 ml Dyes Solution
50 ml Hot Water
Nylon After 5 to 10 minute
Continue in 70° to 80° Temp


G = Good
M = Medium
P = Poor
D = Dischargeable

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